Diaries 1.1

Hello everyone ,

i know it has been long time to write anything here. But i don’t have anytime to write to be honest. Basically i want to tell about my new project ( Quadcopter ). Actually i’m working since February 2014 on Kocaeli University Microelectronics Lab. and when i was thinking about quadcopter . i didn’t have any idea about quadcopter mechanical things. So i decided to read every thesis and project documents actually i just were wanting to read everything about quadcopter  🙂 But this was very hard for me because all things about quad (i will tell quad rest of  diaries for quadcopter ) wants math model and it was very hard for me .

And on the other hand there are lots of  people that do this hobby. They don’t know anything about electronics , physics . They just know mechanical all items to fly quadcopter . So i was in a cleft stick. Then i decided to read and ask all things in internet.

Thats all 🙂

Today im gonna explain something about Quadroc. I got an very old quadcopter from our university laboratory and first of all i decided to work on that quadcopter , but it didn’t look  good.


Because Some people have worked on that before me. And they developed PCB with PIC . You know we are in 2014 and PIC 😛
i cant use that one 🙂 So First of all i wanted to fix Power distribution for Esc and Motor. I tried to solder many times but i decided this things wasn’t good idea and than i searched some board for power and ordered that from aliexpress.com


Next simply i decided to run motor with arduino . I did but there was a problem .The problem was ESC synchronization because all motor didn’t work with together the same PWM. and prob’s has some problem to fly  actually Every quadcopter has 4 prob . two of them have to work clockwise and the other probs have to work anti-clockwise  but i didn’t interest that situation and i fixed that but at that time i don’t have any idea ESC and ESC synchorization to run the same time. Actually I just wanted to my quadcopter have to good looking and every cable must be good situation and i didn’t like that quadcopter motor and  ESC.

Next i ordered some cables , connectors , power distiribution board and li-po charge monitor.


All order came us. I changed all order instead of old items. You can see from below.

20140422_054035 20140422_054046 20140422_054053 20140505_124101

all connectors changed from ESC’s and Motor’s.  I checked battery charge level with battery charge level controller. (Below red one)